Our trip in the Fall of 2005 to Israel was fabulous. We are two women, one of us is Jewish, lived in Israel briefly and speaks Hebrew, one of us was raised Catholic with a deep interest in Biblical history.

Our niece, whom we were visiting for more than two weeks and who has lived in Israel since 1996 interviewed potential tour guides. She choseMimi because of her personable and incredible knowledge of Israel and her understanding of two women traveling together. After a brief initial conversation with us,Mimi beautifully personalized the tour itinerary to meet our interests.

We could not have been luckier. Mimi is an amazing woman, historian and tour guide! She was a major part of making our experience in Israel so great. Altogether we spent three days with her, one in Jerusalem and two in the north, (Caesarea, Tiberias, Sefat, the Banias, Hula Valley and more). Her detailed knowledge of everything Israeli, the history, culture, geography, politics, flora and fauna, astronomy, religion was glorious. By the end of our travels with her, we felt like we were old friends, even though we only met the day before we toured.

We cannot say enough good things,Mimi is the best! We hope to return to Israel in the future and have a chance to tour again with her.  


Sherry Cohen & Ann Armour

Newton , MA