In August 2007, my husband Bill, our friends Adrienne and Wayne and their daughters age 13 and 11 and I spent the best time inIsrael thanks to Mimi. This was our 4th trip to Israel, the last 4 years ago, the 2nd trip for our friends but the first for their daughters.

Mimi was amazing. The first example of this: Before leaving on our trip I mentioned to Mimi that I could not contact elderly friends of my family who live on a Kibbutz. I e-mailed them to tell them of our desire to visit with them but their address had changed. I called but their phone number had changed. In less then 30 minutes I received an e-mail from Mimi telling me she contacted our friends and gave them my e-mail address, our phone number and gave me theirs. This was the beginning of making arrangements to visit with these dear people who are in poor health. Our delightful visit to the Kibbutz would not have taken place without Mimi going above and beyond to help us. For this I am most grateful. 

Mimi has the energy of  a 15 years old youngster and the determination and drive to show you Israel like no one else can. The challenge our "group" gave Mimi was to please adults as well as young people. She pulled this off without a problem. If we mentioned wanting to see something Mimi made a call on her cell phone and got the information she needed and organized everything. The girls wanted to ride horses so Mimi scheduled this while the adults toured a place that would be boring for the girls. Maybe her skills as a mom give her the insight to coordinate things like this.

Mimi has a wealth of information to share, speaking in clear, fluent English. She knows every nook and cranny of Israel; numerous people who can share their expertise and has the best sense of humor. She sings, tells stories and makes you feel so comfortable as though you have known her for years.

Without a doubt, our next trip to Israel will include Mimi. We know she will take us to more on and off the typical path of other guides; expose us to foods that are Israeli, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, whatever is desired-taste Sabras, Leeche nuts, experience the markets in preparation for Shabbat....the list goes on. We visited synagogues, churches and mosques and Mimi educated us about everyone. 

Looking at our photographs and watching our videos makes us smile. This was a trip that was above and beyond my dreams.

Thank you Mimi.


Kathi Wachtenheim

Owner of Gifts and Invitations by Kathi

Marlborough, MA