March 2009


Mimi, thank you very much for sharing your country with us.

Your choices of hotels were wonderful. We appreciated getting away from the chain style hotels and staying in small family owned places. You did a wonderful job of putting the itinerary together, even when made it difficult for you by adding some not-so-popular places like Hebron, Herodion and Jericho. Jericho was especially interesting and I hope that you are able to work with Luai in the future, as he was very professional.

But most of all, I appreciated your sharing your own thoughts, fears and aspirations about Israel. Pete and I travel a lot and in addition to enjoying the remains of the history that resulted in the world we now live in, one of our main drivers is to get to know the people and cultures of the places we visit. Traveling to a place for one or two weeks does not always give us a chance to do that, but you were so open and disclosing that I felt I caught a glimpse of what it must be like to live in such a wonderful but tumultuous area. Thank you for allowing me to ask so many naïve questions and for being so honest in your answers.


Davis Feickert

Washington D.C., USA