April 2009

Shalom Mimi,


Well we're back in Boston and slowly re-adjusting to our work and our normal sleep schedule. But we're not in a rush to do so because our memories of our time with you are so wonderful and so strong. As we look at our pictures, and talk about all that we did, we still can't believe that it really happened to us, that we really finally went to Israel and had this amazing adventure. Most of all, we can't believe how incredibly fortunate we were to have you as our guide. Your energy, intelligence, vast knowledge of the country's history, geography and politics, all added immeasurably to the richness of our experience. And we really liked you too!


Had we just come to Israel we would have said Dayenu. Had we come to Israel and shown ourselves around we would have said Dayenu. Had we shown ourselves around and had to make all our own arrangements we would have said Dayenu. But we never expected we would be so lucky as to meet an outsider who became a fifth member of our family, and took such excellent care of us. Thank you.


Please come to Boston and let us be your host and guide.


With great fondness, Morris & Dawn.


Morris & Dawn Effron

Boston, USA